Katarzyna Tretyn-Zecevic foto

foto. Jolanta Jędrej

born in 1983, Włocławek

PhD in Fine Arts, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Trained as a painter, but her basic tools comprise a needle and thread. Using them the artist partly sews her paintings, and a line of fiber determines the composition. Since 2010, two elements are dominant in her work: whiteness and geometry.
In 2015 she began collaboration with the Alexander Jablonski Foundation and Astronomical Observatory in Piwnice near Toruń. That resulted in artistic projects created at the boundaries between two fields: science and art.

In her work the artist explores the problem of identity, which is sought by modern people. She wonders – who we are and where we are, where we came from and where we are going to. She observes the language of communication and human relationships. She describes the world through images, soundtracks and artistic objects in which she seeks the answers to her questions.


First prize in 7th Triennial of Włocławek plasticity
Artistic Activity Scholarship of the City of Toruń
Distinction of President of the City of Włocławek for Cultural Activist
Distinction in the 6th Triennial of Włocławek plasticity
Tymon Niesiołowski Award, founded by the Faculty of Fine Arts at NCU in Toruń, in the category of visual arts

works in public collections

In 2013 two works from Imponderables series was bought by CoCa Toruń to its permanent collection of Polish contemporary art.